VivaZome presents at 2021 American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy conference

Viva Zome CEO David Haylock is presenting at the Annual Conference of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy on 13 May 2021 in an Industrial Symposium sponsored by Pall Corporation. His presentation is entitled “Exosome manufacture in a fixed-bed bioreactor, and overcoming production challenges” Read more at

VivaZome and La Trobe University enter new research collaboration to develop exosome therapeutics

VivaZome Therapeutics Pty Ltd and La Trobe University today announced that they have entered into a new collaborative research project focussed on developing novel exosome therapeutics. Under the collaborative arrangement, VivaZome scientists will work alongside members of Professor Andrew Hill’s laboratory in the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS). Professor Hill is one of the world’s pre-eminent exosome researchers, and a member of the La Trobe Research Centre for Extracellular Vesicles, with its extensive suite of specialised technology and high-level expertise.

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VivaZome and BIA Separations collaborate; VivaZome CEO presents at 2021 Biotech Showcase

BIA’s unique CIM (Convective Interaction Media) monolith chromatography technology will be used to purify exosomes from VivaZome’s cell cultures, with the aim of developing a high-efficiency downstream purification and concentration process for exosome production.  

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VivaZome and Cytiva to collaborate on downstream technology for exosome purification

Under the agreement, VivaZome will provide substantial quantities of exosome-rich, cell culture supernatant produced by VivaZome’s preferred cell type. Cytiva’s Next Generation Resins Team, located in Uppsala in Sweden, will use the VivaZome material to evaluate Cytiva chromatography resins and fibre materials for their potential to separate and concentrate exosomes, with an emphasis on demonstrating high purity, very fast flow rates and scale-ability.

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VivaZome and Toolgen extend collaboration based on successful proof-of-concept

Under the pilot study, ToolGen undertook a knock-down gene editing using its CRISPR/Cas9 technology, with the gene and the cell specified by VivaZome. The gene editing was successfully accomplished and exosome production by the edited cells was maintained at high levels.
The nest aim to create a gene-edited cell that could be used in VivaZome’s exosome manufacturing process.

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Sienna and VivaZome to evaluate EXO-NET for VivaZome’s exosome-based therapeutics

Sienna has entered into an agreement with VivaZome to assist in the development of a commercial and scalable purification process for VivaZome’s exosome-based therapies. This will be the first potential therapeutic application of Sienna’s capture technology, EXO-NET. Sienna will provide EXO-NET beads which rapidly and specifically capture exosomes, potentially enabling the development of a commercial purification process for exosomes used in treatment therapies.

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