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Update 22 November 2020: VivaZome features in lead article in International BioPharmaceutical Industry journal. “Exosome Therapeutics: Academic Curiosity or Commercial Reality” written by VivaZome CEO David Haylock and key academic collaborator Prof Andy Hill (La Trobe Uni). 


Update 26 June 2020: VivaZome in the spotlight as Precinct Partner at La Trobe University

Update 20 June 2020: VivaZome features in “Inspire” – Research Australia’s Showcase for Health and Medical Research and Innovation.  


Media Release 21 May 2020: VivaZome and Cytiva (formerly part of GE HealthCare Life Sciences) enter into an agreement on downstream technology for exosome purification

VivaZome – Cytiva Release May 2020 FINAL

Media Release 5 May 2020: VivaZome licenses University of Adelaide stem cell technology

VivaZome – University of Adelaide release 5 May 2020

Media Release 22 April 2020:VivaZome and ToolGen extend collaboration agreement based on successful proof-of-concept outcomes.

VivaZome – ToolGen release 22 April 2020

Media Release 8 November, 2019: Sienna and VivaZome to Evaluate EXO-NET(tm) for VivaZome‚Äôs Exosome-based Therapeutics

Vivazome – Sienna Collaboration release 8 Nov 2019

Media Release 30 October, 2019:  David Haylock, PhD Appointed as Chief Executive Officer

VivaZome release 30 Oct 2019 David Haylock to CEO

Media Release 27 August 2019: Collaborative Research Agreement between VivaZome Pty Ltd and ToolGen, Inc.

VivaZome – ToolGen release FINAL 27Aug2019

Media Release  14 August 2019: Dr David Haylock joins VivaZome Therapeutics as Chief Scientific Officer; Manufacturing development work begins at CSIRO.

VivaZome release Haylock – CSIRO 14 August 2019 FINAL

Media Release  18 December 2017: $2.18m grant awarded to VivaZome Therapeutics for Exosome Therapy

VivaZome CRC-P Media Release 18th Dec 2017 final