VivaZome Therapeutics Pty Ltd (ABN 59 602 230 964) is a privately-held Australian biotech company, based in Melbourne, Victoria. VivaZome was formed to develop and commercialise exosome-based therapies, with a focus on treatments for debilitating and/or life-threatening disorders which are not adequately managed by current therapies.

VivaZome plans to work in collaboration to develop new technologies, generate intellectual property and progress the exosome therapies through clinical trials and manufacturing with the aim of providing new effective treatments for Australia and for international markets.

The VivaZome team has significant expertise in the development and commercialisation of biological therapies, together with a wide network of expert contacts in the Australian and global biotech community.


VivaZome and Cytiva (formerly part of GE HealthCare Life Sciences) enter into an agreement on downstream technology for exosome purification

21 May 2020; Melbourne Australia and Uppsala, Sweden: VivaZome Therapeutics Pty Ltd (“VivaZome”) and Cytiva, formerly part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences, have entered into an agreement where Cytiva’s range of purification technologies, including Fibro, will be applied to VivaZome’s selected exosome fractions, with the goal of developing a high-efficiency downstream separation and concentration process for exosome production by VivaZome.

Under the agreement, VivaZome will provide substantial quantities of exosome-rich, cell culture supernatant produced by VivaZome’s preferred cell type. Cytiva’s Next Generation Resins Team, located in Uppsala in Sweden, will use the VivaZome material to evaluate Cytiva chromatography resins and fibre materials for their potential to separate and concentrate exosomes, with an emphasis on demonstrating high purity, very fast flow rates and scale-ability.

VivaZome’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr David Haylock, stated: “VivaZome is delighted and excited to enter into this agreement with Cytiva. As a major global life sciences company, Cytiva brings high-level expertise extensive experience and the latest technologies to the table. Cytiva and VivaZome recognise that development of a high-efficiency downstream separation and concentration process is key to manufacture of therapeutic exosomes and realising their therapeutic potential.”

Dr Peter Guterstam, Product Manager in the Next Generation Resins team at Cytiva said: “Working with VivaZome, we will leverage our expertise and purification portfolio and VivaZome’s experience and analytical capabilities to develop a high productivity and scalable downstream platform for exosome purification that will help accelerate the development of novel therapeutics.”

VivaZome’s Chair, Dr Ian Nisbet, commented: “Following our recent announcement regarding joint project work with Toolgen of Korea, this collaboration with Cytiva further demonstrates VivaZome’s capacity to reach out internationally, thus building our technology base and our global reputation.”